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Our MS Precision Care Solution

Through purposeful problem-solving and innovative technologies, we generate and analyze data to create a new paradigm of MS care—and work right alongside you to implement it.

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Care Insights

Challenged by a complex and debilitating disease, Octave is committed to employ its innovative technology to assess multiple dimensions of the MS patient. For the first time, we brought together biological, imaging, and clinical insights to clarify the path forward for the treatment and management of MS—for the individual patient and beyond.

Multi-level care insights give the full picture for informed decision-making


Multivariate protein signatures provide dynamic biological measurements correlated with MS disease activity.



MRI insights are provided using specialized imaging protocols and clinically focused result visualizations developed in partnership with MS neuroradiologists.



Personalized support through continuous monitoring and nurse engagement between office visits.


Patient Level

Every patient is unique. Our tailored insights and support lead to a more personalized MS care approach.

Population Level

Our advanced analytics provide insights into gaps, variations, and opportunities in care in order to improve clinical outcomes and lower costs.

Meaningful Evidence

We continually assess our technologies in the clinical setting, gathering meaningful evidence to validate the best approaches to MS care. We focus on both efficacy and efficiency—two essential indicators that will point us towards a treatment paradigm that is more impactful for patients and less of an economic burden.


A patient with a moderate/high score on our MS Disease Activity test is approximately 5 times more likely to have one or more Gd lesions than a patient with a low score

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A patient with a high score on our MS Disease Activity test is approximately 16 times more likely to have two or more Gd lesions than a patient with a low or moderate score

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44% of patients’ new or enlarging lesions were found with Octave MRI Insights that were missed on visual inspection alone

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Intelligence Platform

The story doesn’t end with the data. We partner with MS experts to seamlessly combine and analyze insights at large. Our intelligence platform provides essential information and context to help improve the MS care experience, from tracking disease activity and progression to optimizing therapy for better outcomes.

Support and Partnership

Our networks recognize us as an engaged and flexible partner who is fully invested in their success. From insights to adoption, you can expect the Octave team to be fully accessible, open to feedback, and above all else committed to delivering MS care that’s second to none.

What does the process look like?


Get to know the Octave solution with a deeper dive on the science.



Octave works to understand each clinic’s workflows for a seamless adoption process.


The clinic begins to use the Octave solution in routine clinical use for the benefit of the patient.