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A critical new data stream for physicians to manage patients

Ongoing insights and clinical assessments

powered by pairing patients with technology and MS-certified nurses.


“I spend too much time trying to collect information”


“MS is too complex to address all questions during a routine visit”


“Some patients don’t follow through on their care plans”


“I wish I could check in on patients between visits”

We’re overdue for a solution that meets these needs.

Introducing the Octave clinical insights program: an extension of the clinic that helps you manage your patients’ MS—wherever they are and whatever they need. Peace of mind is possible.

Our collaborative care model


Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring to identify early signs of progression, relapse, or other concerns.


Clinical Assessments

Clinical assessments to track clinical measurements over time so that clinicians can see how things change.


Continuous Care

Continuous care to support patients with MS and be the liaison for the clinicians between visits.

Real-time patient input on symptoms, medication adherence, and any concerns
Regular check-ins and alert triage by MS Specialized Nurse
Triaged and up-to-date information to Neurologist when it is needed

Key Applications

The Octave Clinical Insights Program helps you
Spend more time with patients on crucial items in the clinic

Access on-demand patient information in the aggregate

Rely on a trusted partner to educate and support the patient between visits

Extend care beyond the clinic

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