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Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity Test Patient Billing and Financial Assistance



Multiple Sclerosis disease activity results from inflammation occurring in your brain or spinal cord. The Octave MSDA test measures this by analyzing 18 proteins with a one-of-a-kind, simple blood test. Your level of disease activity is an important factor for you and your doctor to consider when making decisions regarding your treatment plan.


Financial Assistance Program

We are committed to making testing more accessible and affordable. Octave automatically processes your claim through our Financial Assistance Program and will provide financial assistance to eligible patients. Eligibility is based on federal poverty guidelines, your income and household size and the qualification details are unique to each patient’s individual circumstances.

Octave also offers interest free payment plans to help you get access to our testing.


How it Works

Octave is committed to cost transparency. After we receive your blood sample, we will automatically review your eligibility for financial assistance.

If you have insurance, Octave will bill your insurance once testing is complete. In the event your insurance denies payment, Octave may pursue an appeal on your behalf. If you don’t have insurance, please schedule a call with us, we are happy to help.


An EOB is NOT a Bill

You will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance plan after Octave submits a claim for MSDA testing. Please note this is NOT a bill, but rather a notice of how your claim has processed. Only an invoice with the Octave logo is a bill.

Do NOT call your doctor. Octave specialists will be able to assist you with your bill.

If your insurance claim is denied, with your consent, our team will work directly with your insurance plan and physician to try and obtain coverage while minimizing any financial burden.

If Octave is not contracted with your insurance plan, you may receive a check for our services from your insurer. If so, please call Octave so that we may coordinate next steps with you. We will help you transfer the check and have your account properly credited.

QUESTIONS? Schedule a call with us.

Octave may modify or terminate its Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity Test and/or financial assistance options at any time.

Every MS patient is unique. Knowing when and how to best treat them is the greatest challenge to solve.

At Octave, we deliver comprehensive insights that bring scientific clarity to MS, enabling an optimal care journey for patients to live more harmonious lives.