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Every person with multiple sclerosis (MS) is an unique. Every MS treatment plan should be, too. However, with today’s tools it is difficult to objectively measure your disease activity and clearly understand if a treatment plan is working for you. That’s why Octave offers a new standard for MS care.

We are empowering you and your doctor by providing the best tools to make confident care decisions. Please speak with your care team to see if the Octave® Precision Care Solution is right for you.

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Octave is Here for Your Care Journey:
Available Products and Programs

  • Octave® MSDA Test
  • Octave® MRI Insights Program
  • Octave® Clinical Insights Program
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How am I responding to my MS?

Octave’s Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) Test is the first-of-its-kind blood test specifically designed for people diagnosed with MS. The test measures 18 proteins, also known as biomarkers, to provide an overall MS disease activity score that you can monitor over time.

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Can my MRI see everything?

Octave’s MRI Insights Program uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and dedicated quality checks by leading neuroradiologists to help create consistency and improve MRI interpretations, so doctors can get more helpful information from your imaging results.

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How can I get support in between doctor’s visits?

Octave’s Clinical Insights Program partners with your doctor’s office to provide ongoing clinical support, enabling early interventions where needed and personalized care. You can now take charge of your MS.

Patient Perspective

“An MS diagnosis comes with a hundred question marks, and it’s tough because you’re battling something you can’t even see.

Octave can be life-changing for all of us dealing with this disease. It helps me understand my progress better and spot problem areas that even MRI scans might miss.

With Octave, I feel like I have more control over a disease that is notoriously difficult to manage. And it gives my medical team an edge; they can treat me more effectively when they can see what’s going on inside. Without Octave, it’s like they’re in the dark, but this technology’s data is like turning on a light or removing blinders.

Knowing how my disease is responding to my treatment has given me so much more confidence than just hoping that it’s working.”

– Brittany


Explore Octave’s Precision Care Solution Resources

Octave is committed to improving your care journey. Click on the resources below to learn how you can personalize your MS treatment.

Precision Care Solution

Octave Introductory Video

Watch this video to learn more about Octave and the Precision Care Solution.

Precision Care Solution

Octave One Pager

Read more about Octave and the Precision Care Solution.

Octave MSDA Test

Octave Patient Financial Assistance Web Page

Learn more about the Octave MSDA Test financial assistance program

Octave MSDA Test

Octave MSDA Test Informational Video

Watch this video to learn more about the Octave Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) blood test.

Octave MSDA Test

Octave MSDA Test One Pager

Read more about the Octave Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) blood test.

Octave Clinical Insights Program

Octave Clinical Insights Program One Pager

Learn more about the Octave Clinical Insights Program.

Commonly Asked Questions

Octave® MSDA Test

What is the Octave MSDA Test?

The Octave Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) Test enables you to measure disease activity through a simple blood test that gives you a numeric score to measure and track your disease activity over time

How can I order the Octave MSDA Test?

The Octave MSDA Test is ordered by a prescribing healthcare provider. Please share more information with your doctor about the Octave MSDA Test and discuss whether the test is right for you.

Is the Octave MSDA Test covered by my insurance?

Octave is actively working to have all health plans cover the solution. In the meantime, Octave offers a financial assistance program that may reduce the cost to you.

Octave® MRI Insights Program

How does the MRI Insights Program work?

Your MS care provider will arrange for you to visit an Octave 'preferred' MRI center where this program is available. You and your provider will still have access to your previous MRI results and this program will support you and your care team in shared decision making. When possible, follow-up MRIs should be obtained on the same scanner as this will help the radiologist and your healthcare provider make a comparison from one MRI to the next.

Will this be covered under my insurance?

The Octave MRI program will be processed through insurance the same way a traditional MRI process occurs which may include prior authorizations, etc. Our commitment is to ensure no surprise bills, so if your insurance denies coverage, the Octave MRI will not move forward.

Octave® Clinical Insights Program

What does the Clinical Insights Program Include?

(1) An app that provides tools to help you track your symptoms, record your MS medication doses, follow your treatment plan, and coordinate care with your doctor.

(2) A Nurse Care Partner, who specializes in MS, reviews the information and works with you between office visits to better manage living with MS. Your Nurse Care Partner will create a summary of the information collected through the Clinical Insights Program that your doctor can use during each of your office visits.

(3) We believe this service will allow you to live better with your MS and provide for better communication with your MS Provider at your visit.

What will this cost me?

The program is currently available to patients on Medicare and other health plans that cover the benefit. Contact Octave at O[email protected] to learn more about insurance coverage.

Why Octave’s Clinical Insights Program?

As with all chronic diseases, most of what you experience when living with MS happens outside of your doctor’s office visit. This program provides an opportunity to receive support and ask experts questions between office visits. You will be able to record what you are feeling when it’s happening, and your care team will receive a thorough report in advance of your office visit to improve shared decision-making.

Advocate for yourself and your health.

Talk to your doctor about Octave’s comprehensive care program.

What should you say?

During my next visit, I want to discuss adding a new biomarker blood test to my treatment plan. The Octave Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) Test measures disease activity based on the levels of 18 proteins in the blood. Based on their website, https://www.octavebio.com/our-solution/biology/, the test is available to order for people living with MS.

The Octave MSDA Test can be used throughout the MS journey starting from when someone is diagnosed with MS, to seeing if treatment is working, to determining if a patient is having a relapse, and can be used to monitor a patient that decides to discontinue treatment. 

This is interesting for me since I want more information about the activity of my disease and I believe having this information will give me more confidence in how I am doing and if everything is working. 

When visiting the company’s website, https://octavebio.com/, you will find a number of research studies validating the test, which help show how the test is used to deliver more personalized care.

I believe this test could be beneficial for my journey, and may also help other patients in your care.