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Octave MSDA Test

For people diagnosed and living with multiple sclerosis

Every person living with multiple sclerosis (MS) is unique and there are limited tools available which measure disease activity over time. Octave provides a new way for managing your MS with its precision care solution.

Multiple sclerosis disease activity results from inflammation occurring in your brain or spinal cord. Evidence of MS disease activity may be observed by the presence of active lesions on your MRI. Octave’s Multiple Sclerosis Disease Activity (MSDA) Test enables you to measure this activity through a simple blood test that gives you a numeric score to measure and track your disease activity over time.

The test score is created by measuring 18 different proteins in your blood, which are known to be involved with MS disease activity. The total combined score ranges from 1.0 – 10.0 and is divided into Low, Moderate, and High disease activity categories. Repeat testing allows you to see how your disease activity is trending over time.

Contact your healthcare provider to see if this test is right for you.