We welcome Northpond, Deerfield, and Casdin and are thrilled to have them join our existing investors in our shared goal of improving patient lives and outcomes. Neurodegenerative diseases represent a new and important frontier for innovation in the quest to address significant unmet needs and transform care.

“Northpond is excited to lead this investment as we believe Octave’s solution will transform the way neurodegenerative diseases will be managed by providing expanded insights into a patient’s specific disease stage, severity and progression while accessing care protocols and evidence-based insights to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.” -Michael Rubin, MD, PhD, Founder and CEO of Northpond Ventures.
“The key to improved performance is to lower MS disease activity, avoid relapses, slow progression and optimize the drugs now used. As the country’s first true population health precision medicine company, Octave can make a huge impact by providing physicians with the tools, pathways and protocols needed to improve performance. Moreover, programs to improve care coordination, optimize physician networks and deliver higher value case management can provide a major impact at the population level.” -Julian Harris, MD, Partner of Deerfield.
“The introduction of a novel, next-generation objective measurement and management system that will help patients and physicians understand disease trajectory and help to guide therapy decisions is the key to truly personalizing care management for a patient population looking for better answers. From the beginning, we have remained true to our goal of creating a new care model to improve health outcomes and deliver value throughout the entire MS ecosystem.” -Brook Byers, Chairman and founding investor in Octave Bioscience.
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Recent Publications

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Research Presented at the Joint ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS Meeting

MS Virtual 2020 — September 11-13, 2020

Development of a Custom Multivariate Proteomic Serum Based Assay for Association with Radiographic and Clinical Endpoints in MS

Tanuja Chitnis¹, Michael Becich², Riley Bove³, Bruce A.C. Cree³, Victor Gehman², Refugia Gomez³, Stephen L. Hauser³, Roland Henry³, Amal Katrib², Hrishikesh Lokhande¹, Jorge R. Oksenberg³, Anu Paul¹, Ferhan Qureshi², Adam Santaniello³, Neda Sattarnezhad4, Shrishti Saxena¹, Howard Weiner¹, Michael Wilson³, Hajime Yano¹, Sergio E. Baranzini³
¹Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA, USA,  ²Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, USA,  ³University of California San Francisco, CA, USA,  4University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, USA

Cross-sectional and longitudinal estimation of radiographic and clinical endpoints to quantify MS disease trajectory with blood serum protein levels.

Jens Kuhle¹, David Leppert¹, Pascal Benkert¹, Johanna Oechtering¹, Annette Orleth¹, Özgür Yaldizli¹, Michael Becich², Victor Gehman², Amal Katrib², Fatima Rubio da Costa², Ferhan Qureshi², Cristina Granziera¹
¹University Hospital Basel, Switzerland, ²Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, United States of America

From proteome to interactome: a mechanistic approach to MS biomarker discovery

Amal Katrib¹,  Ferhan Qureshi¹,  Michael Becich¹,  Victor Gehman¹,  Susan Goelz²
¹Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, USA,  ²Myelin Repair Foundation, Saratoga, CA, USA

Improving Patient Outcomes through a Comprehensive Care Management Platform Measuring Outcomes and Value: an Integrated, Novel solution for Generating insights in MS (MOVING MS)

Annalise Miner¹,  Michael Becich²,  Victor Gehman PhD²,  Jennifer Graves MD¹
¹University of California San Diego, CA, USA,  ²Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, USA

Improved detection of clinically relevant MRI findings in Multiple Sclerosis radiology reports using FDA-approved quantitative software

Kelly Leyden MRes¹,  Anisha Keshavan PhD¹,  Michael Iv MD1,2
¹Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, USA,  ²Stanford University, CA, USA

BrainGraph: A Novel Visualization of MRI Data as a 3D Graph to Reveal Temporal Features of Disease Progression In Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

David Hughes BSN¹,  Weidong Yang PhD²,  Kelly Leyden MRes¹,  Michael Iv MD1,3,  Anisha Keshavan PhD¹
¹Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, USA, ²Kineviz, San Francisco, CA, USA,  ³Stanford University, CA, USA

High throughput lesion evaluation and quality control for incorporating quantitative imaging metrics into clinical practice

Anisha Keshavan PhD¹,  Kelly M. Leyden¹,  Barbara Dappert MD¹,  Michael Iv MD1,2,  Michael Becich¹,  Michael Towbin¹,  David Hughes BSN¹,  Annalise Miner¹,  Revere Kinkel MD³,  Jennifer Graves MD³
¹Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, USA,  ²Stanford University, CA, USA,  ³University of California, San Diego, CA, USA

Research Presented at ECTRIMS 2019
Stockholm, Sweden — September 11-13, 2019

Multivariate protein biomarker models more accurately predict multiple sclerosis MRI disease activity compared to serum levels of neurofilament light chain alone

T. Chitnis1, H. Yano1, S. Saxena1, H. Lokhande1, N. Sattarnezhad1, M.C. Manieri1, A. Paul1, F. Saleh1, M. Collins1, B. Glanz1, C. Guttmann1, R. Bakshi1, F. Qureshi2, M. Becich2, R. Osan2, V. Gehman2, H. Weiner1
1Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, 2Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, United States

Classification of high versus low annualized relapse rate status in subjects with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis using multivariate serum protein biomarker models

N. Sattarnezhad1, S. Saxena1, C. Gonzalez1, H. Lokhande1, B. Glanz1, F. Qureshi2, M. Becich2, R. Osan2, H. Weiner1, T. Chitnis1
1Partners MS Center, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA 2Octave Bioscience, Menlo Park, CA, USA