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MSMilan2023: Making a Mark at the World’s Largest MS Research Meeting

From October 11 -13, over 8,500 representatives of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) research, physician, advocacy, and treatment community hailing from 110 different countries gathered in Europe, to learn and exchange ideas at the world’s largest MS research meeting, MSMilan2023. At the 9th Joint ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS meeting in Italy, our Octave team showcased nine posters to share scientific and clinical advances in MS care enabled by our MS Precision Care Solution. Key findings that were shared during the conference supported clinical applications of Octave’s MS Disease Activity (MSDA) Blood Test and Octave’s MRI Insights Program. Thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with thought leaders such as Dr. Foley, Dr. Kilgo, and Dr. Oechtering, and partner with leading organizations such as TG Therapeutics, University of Basel, the University of Buffalo, University of Pennsylvania and University of South Alabama. Data presented about the MSDA Blood Test included real-world clinical performance results, deeper insights into the biological role of the test’s biomarkers, and support for the test’s potential application in MS drug trials.  Data from the MRI Insights Program helped demonstrate how Octave can help detect disease activity with greater accuracy and reduce ambiguity when interpreting images. In addition to presenting Octave’s exciting research, our team was delighted to participate in the wide range of activities offered at the conference. These events give us the chance to connect with other leaders in the field and learn about the ways others are advancing the understanding of MS and caring for patients, while also sharing more about our MS Precision Care Solution. Between meetings with top clinicians and researchers, patient advocacy groups, and key opinion leaders, we sponsored a product theater entitled, “Delivering on the Promise of Precision Medicine: Lessons Learned through Real-World Clinical Experience.” This session featured leading MS clinicians, including Barry Singer, MD; Mitzi Joi Williams, MD, FAAN; Julie Burnham, DO; and Michael Sy, MD, PhD. They shared their experience using our MS Disease Activity multivariate biomarker blood test in their practices, including these excerpts: * Seeing those scores (MSDA),pre-treatment, post-treatment as well as those on different types of treatment has been extremely helpful for me. I use it in all my patients as a baseline, and also to see how they’re doing longitudinally. * We are finally making progress in the MS space of having blood tests to monitor disease activity. The full video will be available shortly, for a copy please email [email protected]. Another highlight was showcasing our MRI Insights program at a Brain Exchange session titled “Optimization of Advanced Imaging Biomarkers for Objective Decision-Support in MS: From Research to the Real World” with Jennifer Graves, MD, PhD, MAS, and Octave’s Kelly Leyden. Our newly updated booth helped us illustrate how Octave has brought together biology, imaging, and clinical insights to clarify the path forward for the treatment and management of MS. We were grateful for a place to talk with attendees on an in-depth basis, answering specific questions they had about our solution and discussing important issues in MS care. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a great conversation and to the media for covering our presence. Click here to see Neurology Live and other press mentions.   We left MSMilan2023 inspired and invigorated to keep sharing and refining our comprehensive MS Precision Care Solution. To read more about our presence at MSMilan2023, view our posters and see pictures of the event, click here. We’re glad we got the opportunity to continue to transform the landscape of MS care using innovative technology to assess multiple dimensions of each unique patient.

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